Monday, April 23, 2007

Short hairstyles 2007!

Short hairstylesBenefiting factors of very short hair:
Many women prefer to have very short hairstyles. They are easy to maintain, as they do not take ample time to style. In addition, short hairstyles can keep a man or woman cooler, as there isn't much, if any, hair that is lying upon the neck. Some very short haircuts may be called for in the instances of a certain profession, such as being enlisted in the military. Having a very short haircut in this instance is beneficial, as it will help to keep the individual from experiencing heat exhaustion. There are many instances where a woman and/or man will simply want to cut their hair to try a new style. Whatever the reason, very short hairstyles are indeed "in" and are here to stay!
Short hairstylesShort hairstyles:
Short hairstyles have been popular for women since the 1920’s. Louise Brooks’s bob hairstyle in 1917 became the most popular hairstyle of the 1920’s. Women of this time period threw out their corsets as they ventured out on a quest for freedom and they began cutting their hair short. Short hair became the new hairstyle for women as they entered the workforce. Short hair has long sense been a symbol of freedom Short hairstylesand professionalism for women.Short hairstyles are fun, sexy, flirty, and easy to take care of. Considering face shape and personality are important when considering a short hairstyle. An oval shaped face really suits any style of hair, while a heart shaped face my look fuller at the chin with a layered bob hairstyle that has ends that flick outward at the bottom. A square face can be softened with layers and soft curls and an off centered part can help break up the symmetry. A round face does well with a feathered cut and layers coming forward to help slim down a fuller looking face. Bangs help to disguise a long forehead on a long face while a chin length cut will help to add volume and fullness to help broaden the face.The next consideration is the personality. A bold shape like a square-looking bob with short blunt fringe needs a strong personality. A side swept bang on a classic shag with flipped up ends looks great on a flirty feminine personality.Another consideration Short hairstylesis body type and a petite gal may look best with shorter styles that give a little pop and helps the body gain balance. A side part and sleek Short hairstylesstraight bob is a very hip look.Hair texture is another trait to consider and for example, fine, straight hair that lacks texture may do well with layers and long bangs. Chin length hair will add body and volume. The use of thickening spray and other volumizing products will also help.Your hairstylist can help you come with the perfect short hairstyle for you. He or she will consider your face shape, hair texture, personality, and body shape while coming up with the perfect plan to transform your hair into the perfect short hairstyle. Whether you are looking for that get-ahead-at-work professional hairstyle or just looking for something new, fun, sexy, and flirty, a new short hairstyle is sure to be the ticket.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Food for your hair

healthy hairA healthy and balanced diet provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth and natural hair loss prevention. If you have a healthy body, chances are, you'll have healthy hair. It's all about balance when it comes to optimal nutrition for maintaining healthy hair. You need a mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Good hair nutrition begins with getting enough protein, which is the building block of your hair. Other important vitamins and minerals include B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good hair and skin issues, folic acid, B12, and zinc.
Some minerals to consider for healthy hair are calcium, chromium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.
For those on a tight budget or if you want a natural alternative here is some homemade recipes.

Homemade hair spray
Chop one lemon or an orange for dry hair. Place this in a pot with two cups of water. Boil until half of the initial amount remains. Cool, strain, and place in a spray bottle and store in the refrigerator. If it is too sticky, add more water. Add one ounce rubbing alcohol as a preservative and then the spray can be stored for up to two weeks un-refrigerated.

Chamomile Shampoo
You will need four bags of chamomile tea, four tablespoons of soap flakes and one and a half tablespoons of glycerine. Let the tea bags brew for ten minutes in one a half cup of boiling water. Remove tea bags and add the remaining ingredients until everything is melted. Then poor into a bottle and store in a cool place.

Deep conditioner
This recipe requires a small jar of mayonnaise and half an avocado. Mash both ingredients into a greenish paste and then smooth into your hair. Cover your head with plastic wrap and leave on for 20 minutes.

Homemade gel
You'll need one and a half teaspoons of unflavoured gelatine, and one cup of warm water. Dissolve the gelatine in a cup of water and place in the refrigerator to set, then just use as you would use a normal hair gel product.
eggsHair tonic
For this recipe take two teaspoons of gin and two egg yolks, beat the yolks until it's frothy then add the gin. Beat until the mixture becomes foamy. Massage the entire scalp and hair with the mixture then rinse off with warm water. This tonic has a shelf life of one week, keep refrigerated.

Why eggs?
It's a good source of 11 essential nutrients and is one of the few food sources with vitamins A and D. It is also an excellent source of choline – an essential nutrient which plays a role in brain development and memory.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Colouring your hair [Part 4]

You are Asian?
Break your hair up a little, with specialised colour:

- A complete re-colouring will last between two and three months, depending on how fast your hair grows (around 1.5cm a month).

- You could also go for chunky high and lowlights, for a more suble colour change, which is great if you want to avoid the 'helmet effect' of all-over colour. Go for copper and red tones to make the most of your hair.

- You can also shampoo in a tint, which will wash out over 8 to 12 shampoos. Change your colour with the season, choosing warm colours during winter and paler shade in the summertime.

- Try a henna mask at home, for light and movement without the commitment of permanent colour. Try the Body Shop and Boots for henna colour, which is 100% natural and washes out over time.