Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Woman Hairstyle Tendency 2011

Year 2011 promises to bring changes on hairstyles and haircuts. The last several years we have found fewer changes for the length of hair and only the short hair has been fashionable for women. Now we see long hair tendency.

Short female hair is no longer a good alternative, long hair is the most popular this season. A long hair makes it possible to be creative, and there are plenty of hairstyles your can do with a long hair.

Long hairstyles are so easy to style 'cause they're free flowing and natural styles that are conducive to wearing everyday to school or office, and extremely simple to make; the lady doesn’t need a lot of gels, mousse, hair spray or other styling products to get a wonderful look.

Long Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


First of all we have to admit that long beautiful hair is the trend of this season! Besides long curly hair is the best basis for creating a new shape and mood.

Perfect wave.
If you want your wavy hair styling to look perfect rub styling mousse through the wet hair and dry them. Then use a curling iron. Locks have to be small but iron has to be large in order to make our hair-do effective. After all comb your heir with a brush to make curls become waves.

More volume.
Volumetric hair-dos always look bravely and stylishly. To create much volume dry your hair with head down. At last fixate the look with hairspray. You should spray it on the roots.

Old Hollywood
Retro hair styling is still in fashion. It is perfect for red carpet and for romantic dinner as well.

To make your hair-do brave and daring backcomb fringe and put it backward. Fasten it with invisible hairpins. Such hair-do is a stylish and speedy choice for a night out or keeping the hair away from face during working day.


Having long hair we can't help using accessories, such as hairpins, hair slides, fillets, hair hoops and hats. All these accessories will just underline the natural beauty of your hair.