Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four The Sexiest and Most Fashionable Summer 2008 Hairstyles

Breezy Tress
French tress are so modern this summer. The new way to wear them is not perfect and exact — it is more random. So do not bother starting the tress at your forehead; begin farther back, at your crown. That way, the style is loose enough for some wisps to fall out when you are outside running around. French tress by gradually weaving in pieces until you reach the nape of the neck, then finish off the tail with a tighter weave to create a sexy contrast with the softer top. Besides, when you undo the braids you will have perfectly tousled waves.

Pumped-Up Ponytail Hair-do
This is essentially your standard go-to ponytail but with a lot more stand. Work a sculpting foam into moisture hair, and dry with towel to build messy texture and volume. Gather everything up, and fasten it right above eye level (a good thing to avoid positioning it too high). Back-comb the tail multiple times until you get the exact level of tousled body you want. Finish with a soft gel through the ends for shine and separation. It is so confident and flirty.

Shoulder-Baring Bun
Go straight from the beach to umbrella drinks with this hair-do. The trick is to coil strands in different directions to make a thick knotty bump. Gather hair into a low tail, and divide it into two parts. Wrap one part around clockwise and bobby pin in place (making a small bun). Wrap the second part around the initial bun, twisting hair counterclockwise, and secure the same way. Do not worry if pieces slip out. The more effortless it seems, the better.

Half-Up Hot Hair-do
When the weather and wind makes your hair wavier, it is sexy just to wear it that way around your shoulders. But to keep strands from getting in your face, pull back a small section between your temples. Tease those strands first to create some height, smooth over with a brush, and then secure everything loosely with a clip at the base of your crown. This look makes your eyes and cheekbones stand out. Add movement to the rest of your mane by lightly misting hair with a sea-salt spray and scrunching the ends.