Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Here are the main hairstyle trends os this season Winter 2008-2009 seen at Donna Karan, Rachel Roy, Zac Posen, Viktor & Rolf , Phillip Lim, Yves Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta.

Deep Side Part:

While there was no shortage of center parts on the fall runways, it was the side-swept version, artfully accentuated with romantic and soft curls and flapper-girl styles that topped our tress list. And the deeper, the better: A side part minimizes a large forehead, plays up pretty eyes, and gives rounder faces the illusion of an oval shape. Which direction you swing toward, however, is entirely up to you.

Seen at: Donna Karan

Trend: Woven Braids:
Whether piled high or loose and low, braids caused quite a commotion on the autumn catwalk. Lead stylist André Rodman at Frédéric Fekkai SoHo got inspiration from the Native American theme. Giving the traditional braid a modern twist, he incorporated a hand-woven fishtail technique: Start by spritzing dry shampoo or hairspray all over to give workable texture. Then pull hair back and divide into two sections at the nape of the neck. Take a small section of hair from each side, crisscross them over the gathered strands, and add to the opposite side. Continue loosely braiding, then secure with an elastic.

Seen at: Rachel Roy

Trend: Slicked-Back Strands:
There is no hiding behind your hair with this look! But while this pulled-back style puts your face in the spotlight, Palau promises it is totally wearable. To get this look at home, Palau suggests using “loads of gloss” to create a “patent leather texture.” Gel and hairspray could not hurt either!

Seen at: Zac Posen

Seen at: Viktor & Rolf

Trend: Twisted Tresses:
Variations of the French twist ruled the fall runways. To achieve the side-swept twist created by Aveda stylists at 3.1 Phillip Lim, blow-dry hair straight, then part on the side. Take a lock of hair and, starting from behind the right ear, create a French braid running left to right (this will serve as an anchor for your twist). Fasten braid with an elastic behind the left ear. Slightly twist the hair and sweep it over to the left side of the head, securing in place with bobby pins along the braided base.

Seen at: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Trend: Choppy Layers:
Of course YSL’s mod mushroom cut might be too severe for your au naturel sensibility, but there is something to be said for chunky locks! “Choppy layers enhance bone structure, especially cheekbones,” says Guido Palau, who styled hair at Ralph Lauren. After applying a thickening lotion to damp hair, he blow-dried sections using a paddle brush and finished with a flat iron, creating “an even texture with absolutely no frizz.”

Seen at: Yves Saint Laurent

Seen at: Oscar de la Renta

Monday, December 01, 2008


Fashionable Hairstyle:
Classical volume hair styling has returned and became fasionable again. But the techniques of backcombing has changed and become simple and modern. We can see that kinds of hairstyle at Moschino Cheap and Chic, the Autumn-Winter 2008/2009. The main hair cosmetics of this season is L’Oreal Paris.

Step 1.

When hair styling your hair remember a couple of easy rules: you souldn't make a backcombing on dirty hair as well as on too clean hair. Using conditioner will complicate backcombing too. All you need is to shampoo your hair and to put mousse for volume, it will make your hair dense. When drying hair hung your head and throw your hair over. And, shaking up your hands blow dry your hair. If your hair is curly try to make it even with a brush.

Step 2.

Modern backcombing differs from ones that made our mothers and grandmothers. Years ago it looked like a "bird's nest" now it doesn't. The techniques reminds beating up. "Beat up" your hair with a brush from the roots to the points of your hair. Backcomb one lock and spray it with a modelling spray. Then the next lock. Make the maximum volume on the bottom part of your head. Then smooth it a little but do not comb completely. However points of your hair should be combed so that they look tidily. Fix the result with a hair spray.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curly Sue Is In Fashion This Season. Should We Use Curling Irons? Is It Safe And Healthy?

The "Curly Sue" appearance is very fashionable again. Curls became fetish at the autumn Fahion shows. Models' hair was curly at Gucci, Preen, Nina Ricci and Blumarine.

Feminity is still in high demand.

Today notorious curling irons not only do your hair no harm but on the contrary provide it with beauty and health. How did curling irons manage to correct their behaviour?

Name: Satinstyler EC 1 Trademark: Braun

What's new?
Company Braun produced a series of devices with protection and ionisation technologies. Satin Protect in curling irons is presented by covering Ceramic Care that preserves hair from damage. The stream of negative particles Satin Ion preserves hair from electrization and tangling.

You can choose the optimum temperature for curling within 5 degrees, and you will never overheat your hair.

The nuance:
There is a separate button for ionisation mode, but you never know if it is on or off.

The Name of the curling irons: VT-2281

Trademark: Vitek

What's new:
Besides a ceramic covering, curling irons have double-sided heating, a spiral surface for hair setting and Aqua Ceramic technology. Thanks to this locks get warm in regular evenly and keep natural moisture.

The Device gets hot in a couple of minutes. Hair is easily twisted round the pivot. Curls look beautiful, accurate and large.

The nuance:
The cable has a revolving connection, therefore it does not twist in «telephone spirals» and does not interfere with your hairdressing.

Name of the curling irons: SalonCurl Ceramic HP4658

Trademark - Philips

What's new:
Recently many curling irons have got a ceramic covering. It has a great influence on hair: the ceramics emits negative ions when heating. They remove a static electricity, thanks to this hair begin to shine healthily.

Curling irons are very thin, easy and convenient in use. Get hot and create curls very quickly. However, they are small enough.

The nuance:
It is better to curl your hair using hair spray. Then your curls will be elastic, naughty and lasting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creative Haircut Make You Look Stylish.

Creative Haircut Make You Look Stylish. Everything about modern haircuts of this season.

There is no better way to change than magic sliding of hairdresser's scissors. Just find your new image, open it to the whole world and you will see, how your life will change.

Searching a new image you should not experiment with ordinary hairdressing salon and third-rate masters, you have to go to a really good beauty salon and to make an exclusive creative hairstyle.

A hairstyle essence is to change the length of hair using cutting stuff. It remained invariable. A hairdress has always been an indicator of the social status of the person.

Therefore the creative hairstyle or colouring does not do without a creative sight of the master, without his flight of fancy. The stylist is like a fairy who waved a magic wand and showed magic of beauty hiden in every woman.
About a creative:
the Basis: different length hairstyles.
Accents: bangs, locks, ringlets.
Nuances: any variants of coloring.
The general requirements: naturalness and lightness for everyday life.

A creative hairstyle is not just an ultrafashionable phenomenon, it is also gentle care of hair. Do you want to have a hairdress that does not need hair setting? Such hairstyles technologyis is already in use in modern hairdresser's art. You can return your hair setting "into the place" just having washed a head and "having shaken" your hair! You will enjoy your new hairstyle not less than 5 weeks!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


There are two opposite tendencies among fashionable hairdresses of this autumn 2008: hair are smoothed and gathered in a tail, or in a bunch, or it is a bush of hair that haven't been combed for a long time. In other words the fashion advise of this season is not to use a hairbrush at all! We are going to tell everything in detail about each trend.

Sleek: Givenchy, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino, Viktor&Rolf.

Messy: Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Marni, Moschino, Westwood Red Label

STYLE OF THE THIRTIES: Diane von Furstenberg и Nina Ricci.

Naturalness: Chanel, Gucci, Maison Martin Margela, Jil Sander, Sonia Rykiel и Salvattore Ferragamo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four The Sexiest and Most Fashionable Summer 2008 Hairstyles

Breezy Tress
French tress are so modern this summer. The new way to wear them is not perfect and exact — it is more random. So do not bother starting the tress at your forehead; begin farther back, at your crown. That way, the style is loose enough for some wisps to fall out when you are outside running around. French tress by gradually weaving in pieces until you reach the nape of the neck, then finish off the tail with a tighter weave to create a sexy contrast with the softer top. Besides, when you undo the braids you will have perfectly tousled waves.

Pumped-Up Ponytail Hair-do
This is essentially your standard go-to ponytail but with a lot more stand. Work a sculpting foam into moisture hair, and dry with towel to build messy texture and volume. Gather everything up, and fasten it right above eye level (a good thing to avoid positioning it too high). Back-comb the tail multiple times until you get the exact level of tousled body you want. Finish with a soft gel through the ends for shine and separation. It is so confident and flirty.

Shoulder-Baring Bun
Go straight from the beach to umbrella drinks with this hair-do. The trick is to coil strands in different directions to make a thick knotty bump. Gather hair into a low tail, and divide it into two parts. Wrap one part around clockwise and bobby pin in place (making a small bun). Wrap the second part around the initial bun, twisting hair counterclockwise, and secure the same way. Do not worry if pieces slip out. The more effortless it seems, the better.

Half-Up Hot Hair-do
When the weather and wind makes your hair wavier, it is sexy just to wear it that way around your shoulders. But to keep strands from getting in your face, pull back a small section between your temples. Tease those strands first to create some height, smooth over with a brush, and then secure everything loosely with a clip at the base of your crown. This look makes your eyes and cheekbones stand out. Add movement to the rest of your mane by lightly misting hair with a sea-salt spray and scrunching the ends.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dandruff Remover

Dandruff is dead skin on the scalp. Skin cells always die and flake off the body, but if the rate is increased and the scaly flakes are not removed they can remains and be seen on the head. Smkin cells die and are replaced around once a month, but with people with dandruff, the process is speeded up to approximately once every two weeks.

The Ingredients are following:
-Water - 1/2 cup
-White Vinegar - 1/2 cup

The Instructions
Combine ingredients. After that apply directly to the scalp. Use before shampooing. Apply twice a week.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

The Ingredients
-Soybean oil - 1 teaspoon
-Castor oil - 2 teaspoons

The Instructions
Mix up ingredients then warm on low heat. Massage mixture into the hair and scalp. Wrap hair in a hot towel for fifteen minutes. Wash & rinse out.

Rosemary Hot Oil Treatment (Recommanded For Dry Hair)
-Dried rosemary leaves - 1/2 cup of
-Olive oil - 1/2 cup

Mix up ingredients then heat up until warm. Strain. Coat the entire scalp and ends of hair with the oil mixture. Wrap hair in saran wrap and a towel over that then leave on for fifteen minutes. Shampoo hair twice to remove the oil. Use this treament 2 times a month or when your needs a deep conditioning. Leaves your hair shiny and rehydrated.

How To Remove a Gum From Hair

The Ingredients
-Peanut butter or Salad Oil

The Instructions
Work the peanut butter or oil into the hair where the gum is, slowly take it out. Shampoo hair well after that to remove oil. Works very well!

Recipe No 2

-Petroleum Jelly
Put the jelly around the gum, work it into the hair until the gum is removed. Shampoo hair thoroughly after that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hair Care Fast Recipes

Use items that you already have on your kitchen to make your natural hair care cosmetics. It’s cheaper and much more healthier tnan bought ones.

Shine and Volume Boosting Hair
Combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water in a bowl. Pour this mixture over clean hair. It works even better if you can catch the run-off in a 2-nd bowl and pour it over your hair once again, 3 or 4 times in a row. This rinse will restore the natural balance of your hair and add softness and shine. Fine hair will especially benefit from its strengthening properties.

Cleansing Rinse
Cleansing rinses are perfect for removing shampoo residue, which can weigh down your hair and make it lifeless. Combine one cup of vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of dried rosemary in a glass or microwaveable bowl. Put the mixture into the microwave for one minute . Then, use a spoon to crush the rosemary on the side of the glass bowl to release the fragrance. Strain the mixture and let it cool before using. Apply to hair after washing, leave on for two minutes, then rinse out with cool water. It sounds like more work than it is.

Hot-Oil Treatment
To make a hot-oil treatment for dry hair, place 1/4 cup of canola or soybean oil in a glass. Place the cup in a bowl of hot water and allow the oil to warm. Any vegetable oil will work, but canola oil is a good choice because it contains no added ingredients. Use hands to spread the warn oil through wet hair, leave it in for 2 minutes tops. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo. Your hair will be softer and shinier!

Frizz Taming Conditioner
Remember: Do not use if you are allergic to eggs! In a bowl, mix together four tablespoon of plain yogurt (no low-fat) and one egg. After washing, pour the yogurt-egg mix onto your head and thoroughly massage it into your hair, working from roots to tips to make sure all your hair gets coated. Leave this on for five-ten minutes. Rinse out well with lots of cool (not hot or warm) water. This is especially good for softening up dry hair and preventing flyaways and frizzies.

Oily-Hair Treatment
Massage ground watermelon or cucumber (use a food processor for best results) into freshly washed hair and leave on your scalp for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Dry-Hair Treatment
Massage mashed avocado into freshly swashed hair and leave on for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Normal-Hair Treatment
Massage mashed peaches - no pits of course, into wet hair for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Masterpieces Of Hair-do Art.

This year between June 1-3 the global spotlights will once again focus on the City of London, the hairstyling capital of the world. At least 200 Hungarian top hairstylists and salon owners will be present at this year's Salon International, also known as the world’s top hairdressing and hairstyling exhibitions, hosted at Docklands in London.

One of Hungary’s most acclaimed hairstylists Tamas Zsidro said that he has been visiting the London scene since 1983. “London is tops when it comes to hair fashion,” he said, explaining that the London style is technically and innovation-wise the best in the world. “The French and Italians are lagging behind because their hairstyles are a bit more robust and heavy,” he added.

Really unbelievable hair-dos showed us hair-do masters on the exhibition that was held a week ago. Who said hair-do can't be a masterpiece?

(Click to enlarge):

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blondes are in fashion again. Fashion news.

The first brunettes who became blondes were Lindsay Lohan, Nikol Richchi and Jessica Simpson. They always go from one extreme to another. Then such celebritys as Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon joined the army of blondes.

But then Monica Bellucci the girl that every man dreams about became a blonde. That was an apotheosis. She let masters of style make her a blonde for "Vanity Fair" an Italian magazine. "Being a blonde is very fun" said Monica in interview.

So dear blondes and brunettes! Merlin Monro style is in fashion again.