Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hairpieces:Need some help with your hair?

Do you want happening hair?
Based on the trends identified by Trend Union, a Paris-based trend agency, Wella has put together four major themes for its annual trends forecast.Being Naïve embraces the rediscovery of spontaneity and optimism. This translates into playful hairstyles that include plaits, intricate knots and cute curls.Being Rebellious means having confidence to break with tradition. It embraces free thinking and sets aside all differences of gender, race and age. This translates into hair that is wild and untamed. Punk-like crests and bold colour define strong contrasts.Being In Hairpieces:Need some help with your hair?Love is the longing for intimacy and tenderness. Seductive curls fall loosely onto the neck and shoulders or are tied into flamboyant knots.The last trend, Being Constructive, concentrates on the essential and the quest for perfection. Hair is stylishly functional and the quality is exceptional. Styles are timeless and simple, and feature clear contours, precisely defined partings and understated styling.Keeping your hair colour has never been easier. Kérastase recently launched a range of products for women who demand lasting radiance from their hair colour. Reflections promises radiant, even and long-lasting colour by increasing the mirror-like reflections from the hair fibre. The micropolymer technology in Radiance allows hair to reflect light more effectively, and the ionic formulation targets damaged areas, resulting in brighter, shinier hair. Products range in price from R155,95 to R235,95;
Bad hair
-A bad hair day can really get you down. But why is it that on some days your hair falls into place with no effort whatsoever and on other days you wake up to hair that clearly has a mind of its own?
-Product build-up can cause hair that usually has body to lie as flat as a pancake. A clarifying shampoo will remove excess build-up and your hair should regain its natural bounce.
-Monthly hormonal changes can also stimulate the oil glands to secrete more oil, resulting in hair that lacks body.
-As for waking up with an unmanageable cowlick, remember that the shape of a curl close to the head such as a cowlick is determined by the slant of the hair follicle.It won't help to wet the ends and tug on your hair with a hairbrush; you'll have to wet your hair to the root and straighten it from there using heat.