Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vintage Hair-dos.

Many European women, who lived through the Second World War,will attest to their worst nightmare of hearing the air raid siren just when the reagent was applied to the head. Half an hour in a bomb shelter would over-perm any head into a frizzy mess. In more than one case the hair was removed along with the curlers when the all clear was sounded.
The first cold wave was introduced commercially in the US in 1941. Cold waving gave a strong alkaline smell but lasted for about three months, or until the hair grew out. Improvements to the cold wave system resulted in the perm-the first successful home cold waving system made available to the market in the late 1940's. Cold waves required the application of two lotions, the first-a waving lotion and the second - a lotion that neutralised the first lotion. Timing and careful application were required so as not to over-perm the hair.
In England in the 50's a highly successful advertising campaign persuaded women that 'Friday night is Amami night'. Described as an aid to achieving a style that was - neat in the kitchen, nice to come home to - it also had a phenomenal effect on male social activity. This blue lotion left legions of husbands and boyfriends staring wistfully into their pints in the local pub, having been forced out of the home by an overpowering odour of ammonia.
This old-fashioned hair-do is very modern and new-fashioned now. Everybody can make it himselfe without any problem :)

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Pretty said...

I think I would make such hair-do going to a coctail party.