Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hair Fashion 2007!

It’s a new 2007 year and with it comes change. All around us we’ll see the latest trends whether it be in fashion or in beauty. We want to know what’s hot and the hairstyles for 2007 are certainly no exception. This year we’ll see the continuation of length in both waves and romantic curls will be favored. Hair will be more natural for 2007 and chemical use is definitely out. Instead add-on hairpieces will be favored as well as anything that doesn’t damage hair. Long lengths are great for women who don’t mind taking a little time for this style. Flip through your favorite hairstyle magazine for this style then try out the secret many salons are sharing. Spritz hair with salt water and let hair dry for a natural wavy look without the chemical damage. For a celebrity copycat look, check out Jessica Alba and Shakira who have been seen wearing this style. Even with the popularity of length, shorter styles are certainly no stranger to 2007 latest hair trends either. Shaggy styles, pixies and bobs that are very short at the nape have suddenly become popular thanks to the celebrity world. Curls are popular on the shorter styles as well. Short styles work well for the business world. For ideas check out the latest hairstyle magazine or look for celebrities like Halle Berry and Ellen Degeneres who are sporting this trendy style.

The side part is another popular hair trend. Think punk verses classic Twiggy for this style. For an idea of how this style looks, check out celebrities, Meg Ryan and Kirsten Dunst. Hair accessories seem to be all the rage again this year as well. Women have been spotted in everything from headbands, to barrettes to silk flowers in their hair. For color we’ll see women leaning toward lighter shades rather than darker ones. Also warmer shades will be a big hit. Expect shades of red and auburn to be popular as well. For guys, we should expect to see a shorter style that is clean-cut verses the longer messy style. Hair will be above the collar lines sporting the still popular razor technique. The short and shaggy style is also popular this year for guys. Men’s color will consist of softer- warmer shades rather than last year’s bold blond highlights. Remember that the above styles will probably sport several variations, so you don’t have to stick with just one simple style. Find one that suits you. When in doubt, try doing a search online for your favorite celebrity to see what she’s wearing. If you don’t have a favorite celebrity, try a search online to see who’s popular. Chances are you’ll come up with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff and Jessica Simpson who are always in style with the latest hair trends. Also hit the local magazine racks for a variety of hairstyle magazines. Here you can find everything from celebrity to short hairstyles magazines. You can also drop by your local salon and talk to a hairstylist who can guide you to the latest style that is right for you.

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