Monday, May 14, 2007

How to get extraordinary hair

Want to know what the Samy range is all about and whether it can fix your hair? Check this out...
1.Q: Can Samy rehydrate my dry, frizzy hair? A: Samy Smooth products are specially formulated with fine silicone molecules and an advanced system of vitamins and proteins to smooth, calm and re-hydrate extremely dry, frizzy and distressed hair without adding weight, residue or build-up.
Samy cosmetics2.Q: Can moisture, body and shine be restored to my hair? A: Samy Moist products are specially formulated for dry, damaged, dehydrated hair. These unique products re-hydrate, strengthen and restore incredible moisture, body and shine to hair without depositing wax, residue or build-up.
3.Q: What about curls? Can Samy make my curls look healthy? A: Samy Curls hydrates, defines and separates curls as it cleans, conditions and de-frizzes curly hair without dry-out. They are the best way to maintain manageable, beautiful healthy looking curls.
How to get extraordinary hair4.Q: Does Samy have finishing products to protect hair after styling? A: Samy's The Hairspray leaves hair soft and manageable. The fast-drying, weightless and anti-frizz formula provides hair with a high shine. This unique hairspray adds extra volume without sticky build-up or flaking, perfect for holding your style.
5.Q: Are there any Samy products to add volume limp hair? A: Samy's Mucho Mousse is specially formulated to add fullness and body to fine, limp, lifeless hair, while offering shine and flexibility without wax, residue or build-up. Think big! This alcohol-free formulation adds incredible body, volume, fullness and shine and is specially formulated with humectants and conditioning agents to nourish and strengthen hair. It also protects hair from the sun with a special UV light absorber.

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I like Samy products. I also like Mixed Chicks products. They are available on their website and at Afrotherapy in The U.K.