Sunday, June 08, 2008

Masterpieces Of Hair-do Art.

This year between June 1-3 the global spotlights will once again focus on the City of London, the hairstyling capital of the world. At least 200 Hungarian top hairstylists and salon owners will be present at this year's Salon International, also known as the world’s top hairdressing and hairstyling exhibitions, hosted at Docklands in London.

One of Hungary’s most acclaimed hairstylists Tamas Zsidro said that he has been visiting the London scene since 1983. “London is tops when it comes to hair fashion,” he said, explaining that the London style is technically and innovation-wise the best in the world. “The French and Italians are lagging behind because their hairstyles are a bit more robust and heavy,” he added.

Really unbelievable hair-dos showed us hair-do masters on the exhibition that was held a week ago. Who said hair-do can't be a masterpiece?

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Donnie Morissette said...

These are incredible! I need to get myself a mannequin simply for working on up-do's.