Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Curly Sue Is In Fashion This Season. Should We Use Curling Irons? Is It Safe And Healthy?

The "Curly Sue" appearance is very fashionable again. Curls became fetish at the autumn Fahion shows. Models' hair was curly at Gucci, Preen, Nina Ricci and Blumarine.

Feminity is still in high demand.

Today notorious curling irons not only do your hair no harm but on the contrary provide it with beauty and health. How did curling irons manage to correct their behaviour?

Name: Satinstyler EC 1 Trademark: Braun

What's new?
Company Braun produced a series of devices with protection and ionisation technologies. Satin Protect in curling irons is presented by covering Ceramic Care that preserves hair from damage. The stream of negative particles Satin Ion preserves hair from electrization and tangling.

You can choose the optimum temperature for curling within 5 degrees, and you will never overheat your hair.

The nuance:
There is a separate button for ionisation mode, but you never know if it is on or off.

The Name of the curling irons: VT-2281

Trademark: Vitek

What's new:
Besides a ceramic covering, curling irons have double-sided heating, a spiral surface for hair setting and Aqua Ceramic technology. Thanks to this locks get warm in regular evenly and keep natural moisture.

The Device gets hot in a couple of minutes. Hair is easily twisted round the pivot. Curls look beautiful, accurate and large.

The nuance:
The cable has a revolving connection, therefore it does not twist in «telephone spirals» and does not interfere with your hairdressing.

Name of the curling irons: SalonCurl Ceramic HP4658

Trademark - Philips

What's new:
Recently many curling irons have got a ceramic covering. It has a great influence on hair: the ceramics emits negative ions when heating. They remove a static electricity, thanks to this hair begin to shine healthily.

Curling irons are very thin, easy and convenient in use. Get hot and create curls very quickly. However, they are small enough.

The nuance:
It is better to curl your hair using hair spray. Then your curls will be elastic, naughty and lasting.

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