Thursday, April 07, 2011

Let's Braid! What Hairstyles Are Fashionable Today?

Voluminous hair, slipshod plaits, French braids and complicated braiding are very fashionable hairstyles this season 2011.
A hair plait, or braided hairstyle, is a simple style that works beautifully for elegant occasions but also looks nicely as a more casual look. It helps to keep your hair out of your face and it takes a little time to do. Plait hairstyles can range from the simple to the elegant. They can also be useful to keep hair away from the face while going shopping.

Braids seen at Alexander McQueen

Return of the braids can't help making us glad!  Seen at Erdem and Givenchy

French braid. Rachel McAdams
Fish tail. Fergie
Fish tail. Leona Lewis
Learn how to make a french fishtail braid by yourself:

Or this one:


beauty hair tipster said...

I love the Voluminous hair but its summer time this year so braiding your hair is not available for this season.

Jenn said...

Braids are easy, look effortless, and are perfect for summer! Great post.

miss usa teen said...

I think bob haircut is gaining some name in fashionable hairstyle world and I would love that to try that too. I think it perfectly suits to me.