Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Having Your Hair Cut: It really isn't a nightmare!

I know most of you don't want your hair cut. But you HAVE to. Honestly, it took me many years to learn that you need a trim regularly to keep the breakage from traveling up the hair shaft. Especially if you have fine hair, prone to breakage. It just has to be done, period. Besides, damaged long hair looks downright nasty!

  • Above-the-Shoulder Cuts: This is best for just about every woman of every age group, but is especially beneficial to woman who have fine, limp hair. Add layers around the face to create the illusion of more body.
  • Bangs: This is a good haircut for those of you that may have a high or large forehead. It is especially beneficial to those of you that have have a long face and want long hair as well. It balances out the look.
  • Long Hair: This is great if you have a heart shaped face or a round face. Make sure you get regular trims to keep breakage at bay! You should go no longer than 3 months without a trim!
  • Cutting Your Long Hair Short: Tell your stylist to cut off half the length you wish to cut, ease into it. It is easier to cut off a little more than to grow a lot out. You may just shock yourself into a depression!
  • Curly Hair: If your hair is long and thick - great! If it isn't - your hair is going to look straggly. Fine, limp curls should be kept above the shoulder to minimize the appearance of well - fine, limp locks!It just isn't flattering. And if you have limp or fine hair, don't over layer your hair, it does not give your style body, it looks unkempt. A few around the face with a few highlights, or lowlights will benefit you.
  • Short to Long: Oh how glacial this process is! And you just hate to trim the ends to add to the fullness. But you must. Your hair needs to be trimmed to stop the damaged ends in its tracks. I know it may look short at first, but it will grow, I promise. Your hair will look fuller in the end.
  • WARNING! Apply to an experienced stylist, and one who is open to YOUR desires. No matter what you and I think, A bad haircut does not justify homicide. Even if it is in the heat of passion -- with his or her own scissors! Know before you go. Also, you get what you pay for! And for goodness' sake, don't upset your stylist!

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