Monday, July 24, 2006

Some more details of hair care.

Everyone is aware of it and everyone uses it: hair shampoo. But what is their effect and from what are they made?

A hair shampoo usually consists of water, sodium laureth, sulfate, polyquaternium-10, coloring substances and aromatic compounds.

To have healthy hair, a person does not need more than a mild and careful cleaning. Of course, using mild shampoos carefully does not mean that a person does not need to daily wash his or hair. For the appropriate care of hair, the usage of shampoo must complement the type of hair.
Not every product is suitable for every kind of hair.
A good shampoo would not harm the skin, nor would it burn the eyes. Rather, it would degrease the hair, it would lend abundance and shine to the hair's surface and, most importantly, it would clean the hair. Since many people produce too much testosterone (a male hormone), which causes greasy hair, most people need to clean their hair regularly.

The type water that people use also plays an important factor in the health of their hair. Sea water and water containing chlorine (such as the kind that will get into hair after a person goes for a swim) should immediately be washed out by clean water because water has a long-term hold in hair.

Another aspect of healthy hair is drying. It is important that the hair is NOT rubbed dry with a bath-towel since rubbing harms the hair and its structure. One should wrap the towel around the head by winding the towel tightly and carefully tapping the hair dry.

After washing the hair, shampoo must be rinsed out thoroughly. If this is not done, the remaining shampoo will detract from the gloss, fragrance and fluffiness of hair.

Hair combs and brushes
Wet hair should be combed or brushed as little as possible. The better thing to do would be to wait until the hair is entirely dry before beginning the smoothing process with a brush or comb.
After washing and drying, the hair is usually untangled with a brush or comb.
For the best results, hair knots should not be pulled. Instead, the tangled hair should be carefully combed out, starting from the tips and moving toward the roots (from down to up). But which is better, brushing or combing? In most cases, brushing is unfavorable, as it is more harmful to the hair. Combing can be more favorable, but using a comb can be either damaging or profitable to the hair. A horn comb would probably be the best choice when deciding what to use. It is made out of keratin, a material similar to that of hair. A horn comb reduces the electrostatic, or electrical charging in hair. Unfortunately these combs are very expensive and demonstrate sensitivity to both heat and chemicals. Remember to choose combs with blunt-edged points, as all sharp points and edges harm the hair.

Thus, in order to take good care of hair, everyone must never forget to always be aware of his or her needs, whether choosing shampoos, washing the hair, rubbing the hair dry, or combing it out...

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