Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Intimate Hair-do

To shave or not to shave the genitals?

Actually, this question is not so important as many people think. If you cannot decide whether you should get rid of hair on your genitals simply ask your partner's opinion. Tastes as well as sexual preferences differ. Different people love different sex positions, different sex toys, different activities. The same is about genital's appearance. To shave or not to shave? Your partner will answer this question.
Have you find out that your partner does not want to see any hair on the area under your pants? Than shave it off, but do that properly in order to avoid injuries and unpleasant sensations.
Generally speaking intimate women's shaving does not differ much from men's one. The only difference is that men should be more careful as they are more likely to injure tender and vulnerable genital skin. Let us begin with ladies.

Intimate Women's Shaving
Step 1
Put the razor away. You do not need right now. First of all you must cut the hair with help of usual sharp scissors. Cut as much hair as you can. This must necessarily be done, otherwise your shaving will turn into a real torture. You don't want to shave for hours and suffer from pain, do you? Than first cut the hair with scissors!
Step 2
After you have cut off long hair ends, get ready for shaving. This must be done in order to soften the skin and avoid possible irritation. There are a few ways to achieve the necessary effect. The best one is to take a warm bath, because warm water perfectly steams out and softens skin and hair. Another way is to take warm shower giving a special attention to the area you are going to shave. After the bath or the shower properly rub yourself down with a towel and wait for a while to let your body dry.
Step 3
Put on your genitals a considerable amount of shaving cream. Keep in mind that man's shaving cream is not suitable for this purpose. If you did not manage to find a special woman's cream (however, this is very doubtful, because there are lots of special intimate shaving creams for different types of skin), than take the softest men's cream, but make sure it is non-perfumed! Never use soap for intimate shaving! Shave your genitals slowly and gently in the direction the hair grows. Perhaps you will need more than one shaving to make your skin completely smooth. Do not hurry and do not make too rough motions.
Step 4
Make sure you have shaven off everything you wanted and thoroughly wash your genitals with warm water in order to remove shaving cream and hairs.
Step 5
Now you have to care for your skin. Soft baby oil can work wonders! It will keep your skin smooth, tender and will prevent it from pimples.

If you have a sensitive skin, than a cream with aloe vera and vitamin E will suit you best. Indulge your pubis and inner part of lips with cream or oil after each shaving.Attention: if you are going to have sex after shaving and plan to use a condom, than wash away oil or cream before making love. The fact it that oil affects latex and thus diminishes its protective properties. By the way, for the same reason you mustn't use any oils or oil containing lubricant for the same reason.


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