Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Perm, Or Not To Perm: A Very Important Question!

More on perming: There are many types of perming techniques involving basically all the same types of strong chemicals. There are Alkaline perms which is a strong formulation using ammominium thioglycolate which is by far the strongest, longest lasting and the smelliest. They are the best formulation for very uneasy-to-curl hair or for creating a very tightly curled do. There are acid-balanced perms which contain a far gentler chemical called glyceryl monothioglycate. It has a lower pH and is good for fine, thin hair or hair that has been previously processed. It is also your best option for a natural, softer curling effect. These must be left on longer or processed with the help of heat sources, like those over-the-head driers you see at salons.

The techniques vary as well...

  • Traditional Perm: This technique involves waving or curling the entire head of hair. Rods are usually placed horizontally but there are many configurations that can be done to obtain certain looks or for certain hairstyles or if you have a severe cowlick. This also depends upon curl (rod) size.
  • Body Wave Perm: This involves larger diameter rods to create a softer wave instead of a tighter curl. It is a more natural look rather than the curlier types.
  • Reverse Perm: This is a form of straightening naturally tight curls to a more relaxed wavy shape. Instead of a head full of tightly wound curls with this technique you receive softer larger curls.
  • Spiral Perm: The hair is rolled vertically rather than horizontally resulting in ringlets or corkscrew-like curls. A lot of women with straight long hair get spiral perms.
  • Root Perm: I don't believe in these if roots are permed only for volume or lift. They grow out terribly, but if it is for maintenance of a perm, that is normal. The rods are placed only at the root area to curl or give lift to that area only.
  • Spot Perm: The rods are placed in certain areas only that need or body or a slight curl to better a style or make it more manageable.

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medic-human said...

i not need perm process, i'm love my original hair.