Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hairstyling secrets

Hairstyling secrets Get curls and waves:
1. If you have dead-straight hair, first apply a little gel or mousse to dry hair and divide it into thin sections.
2. Using a curling iron – wait until it has warmed up properly – wind your hair around the hot element, section by section. Once you've finished each section, remove the curling iron but don't allow your hair to drop – pin the curl lightly to your head to allow it to set as your hair cools.
3. Define the curls with a light spray or styling gel.
Tip: For looser curls, use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair.
Straighten your hair:
Hairstyling secrets1. Apply straightening balm or mousse to damp hair.
2. Dry your hair in sections using a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment and a large, round brush with bristles that hold the hair properly. Hold the hairdryer above the section you're drying and dry down the length of your hair.
3. Use a hot straightening iron to straighten your hair completely. First apply a few drops of serum to the bottom of the hair to protect and smooth it.
Tip: You could also apply a little serum and use a paddle brush to dry your hair straight.
Give short hair a sexy look:
Hairstyling secrets1. To get more volume on top, apply mousse to damp hair and dry in sections using a large round brush.
2. Put some large Velcro rollers into the top layer of your hair for additional volume.
3. Finish off by using the handle of a thin make-up brush or comb to create a zigzag parting. This gives more volume than a straight parting because the hair is lifted at the roots.
Tip: You can give thin hair instant volume by having it cut into subtle layers of different lengths. Speak to your hairdresser.

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