Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hairy facts

All you need to know about some of the hair treatments and products that fill many of us with apprehension.Hair that has been straightened with a straightening iron is huge fashion news, and the perm is also said to be back with a bang. Let us help you figure out what to look out for and what might work for you.
Straightening irons:

Hairy facts Why you should think twice Any heat treatment damages your hair. According to make-up artist and hair stylist Carl Isaacs, the biggest problem with buying your own straightening iron is going for a cheap imitation. Good straightening irons, like Ghd (priced between R1 300 and R1 800 at selected salons), controls the heat and prevents the irons from overheating and singeing the hair. Carl says it's also a good idea to apply ghd The Iron Oil to your hair before using the straightening iron. It doesn't contain any silicon (silicone boils at 40°C while a straightening iron can reach 240°C), which is especially important if you use a straightening iron regularly.Why it could work: Carl says a good straightening iron used in conjunction with the appropriate hair products could actually improve the condition of your hair by locking in moisture. It is also the best way to get wavy hair perfectly straight.

Why you should think twice?
The stiff, unnatural curls of the 1980s are enough to make anyone's hair stand on end.Why it could work? According to Paul from Terenzo Hairdressing, the products techniques are used, but the perm lotions are technologically and scientifically more advanced. Whereas the old products were more alkaline, the new ones like Redken Inner Secret – in Paul's view, the best on the market – are acid based and contain amino acids and other ingredients that leave the hair in a better condition than it was before the treatment. With regard to appearance, Paul says that spiral perms are totally out of fashion and aren't done any more. Curls are now soft and loose, and large rollers are used to create this look.Permanent wave treatments are also no longer being used to add volume to hair. Nowadays stylists use cutting techniques and hair products to add volume. Paul recommends permanent wave treatments for people with very curly hair who want a softer curl – a so-called reverse perm – or for those who have a kink in their hair and would like low maintenance waves.He cautions that if your hair has been highlighted or bleached, you should not have a permanent wave treatment.

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